We are all witnessing a radical shift in the Broadcasting sector due to technological developments and the projects set up are mushrooming incessantly. Keeping in view the volatile change of this magnitude, we intend to provide a broad spectrum of legal and consulting services specializing in satellite, cable, radio and other wireless projects.

Our firm predominantly performs the following services;

  • Regulatory representations
  • Analysis of emerging Satellite channels, radio and cable broadcasting etc.
  • Satellite Licensing and Co- ordinations.
  • Legal Testimony on Intellectual Property Rights - focusing on both national and international law and procedures.
  • Conducts custom market studies and provides strategic advice on satellite and other wireless projects.
  • Investment opportunities & strategies
  • Legal framework on content streamlining vis–a–vis Censor guidelines.
  • Liasoning with Collective Administrative Societies for licenses / approvals .
  • Anti piracy enforcement via legal procedures.
  • Domestic & international subscription collection formalities.
  • Advertisement and Sales repatriation approvals pursuant to FEMA and other corporate statutes.

The critical points enumerated herein above requires professional legal attention . These are essentially investment and / or revenue driven issues on structuring for parking the funds in the country or repatriation of funds generated from India .

It’s a paradox that, if the business structuring is not dealt properly from the beginning , it can get severely handicapped on legal technical points and possibly ruin or jeopardize the very existence of the entity…. an otherwise good business