The Event industry is evolving and there are new trends emerging. Whether a Corporate event or Live Entertainment event for a Domestic or International, our team of Lawyers have the experience, skills and resources to provide practical legal and business advice.

We have considerable experience in advising on commercial and legal issues relating to Events on;

  • Sponsorship contracts
  • Talent agreements
  • Ticket sales vis-à-vis indirect taxes
  • Telecast rights assignment / licensing
  • Brand Ambassadors documentations
  • Regulatory clearances for live sporting events
  • Entertainment tax payments
  • Service tax levies
  • Trade Mark and Copy Right registrations
  • Royalty societies licenses
  • Statutory permissions advices
  • IPR retention strategy for exploiting future revenues etc

We provide innovative solutions combined with informed commercial and legal advice. Besides our legal knowledge, we understand the market and demands. We offer strategic advice to get desired results. The firm's strength across all areas of media and entertainment enables for effective synergy to all our client’s .

To add value for our service because of integrated media related advisories, we also assist in negotiating and structuring the deal with celebrities and Artists for media assignments.

Events are fast becoming an integral part of the marketing strategy of companies and every year the consumer spending is on the rise, sponsorship is on the increase. With it, the media's role is expanding and the role of technology has grown. This in turn gives rise to the legal complexities which are handled effectively by Medialexicon.