The management of “INTANGIBLE ASSETS ” of our high net worth individuals and public / private media clients has given us an opportunity to extend the firm’s services on TANGIBLE Property Advisory.

Property Advisory are designed to cover all clients' needs as per their requirement and being represented by well experienced Attorneys across the country primarily covering ;

  • Property Acquisition by Merger / Takeover basis in case of Company’s transactions ,
  • Property acquisitions by Foreign Companies in India subject to Govt. of India guidelines / equity cap stipulations,
  • Acquisitions / disposals of retail portfolios within the country as per the norms of Priority sector laid by Industrial Development statute in India.
  • Industrial estates transfers as per respective State guidelines .
  • Agricultural land acquisitions in India
  • Financial restructuring with requisite clearances from RBI and other Govt bodies , pursuant to FEMA and applicable statues
  • Approvals / statutory permissions for acquisitions and disposals ( in particular for / by media and leisure sector).