Our Theatre & Studio advisory team acts for producers, investors and theatre / Studio owners

We advise on all issues including the

  • Funding from Bank / Financial institutions,
  • State subsidies
  • Tax holidays
  • Licensing of software
  • IPR retention by Studio owners
  • Service tax and other applicable laws
  • Distribution
  • Acquisition of film rights for Exhibition and
  • Negotiation of contracts.

Our expertise lies in

  • Property acquisition ,
  • Funding against mortgages ,
  • Trust deed documentation,
  • Revenue sharing contracts with distributors and exhibitors,
  • Right transfers etc

The legal equation will witness a dynamic and radical change in Media software renderings, recordings and Film Distribution and exhibition front, primarily due to:

  • 1. Increasing number of MULTIPLEXES in the country
  • 2. Hi – fidelity Digital recording studios
  • 3. Commercial exploitation of Near Video on Demand ( NVOD ) rights and
  • 4. The on - going technology of exhibiting Film (s) in the theatres across the countrie(s) via - SATELLITE LINKS.